Packaged Headworks Systems

Packaged Headworks Systems SCG Process is proud to represent the Reef Packaged Headworks system from Hydro-Dyne. The Reef system features fully standardized designs for flows up to 2.5 MGD (110 L/s) and compact footprints which enables you to quickly retrofit and upgrade your existing headworks system for small and mid-sized wastewater treatment plants. Screening & … Read more

Non-Metallic Pumps

SCG Process offers a range of non-metallic pumps from MUNSCH that provide an ideal solution for pumping problematic fluids, such as acids, alkalis, chemically contaminated fluids and scrubbing liquids.   MUNSCH has been designing, producing and servicing non-metallic pumps for over 55 years and have established a global installation base.  MUNSCH pumps are used throughout Canada … Read more

On-site Sodium Hypochlorite Generation

For safe, reliable water treatment with a guaranteed 0.8% solution of sodium hypochlorite, De Nora ClorTec® Gen III on-site sodium hypochlorite generators are designed for high efficiency, low lifecycle cost, durability and reliability. The latest generation optimized ClorTec system delivers 15% operating cost savings over previous designs. Typical Applications: Low capacity municipal wells Water and … Read more

Engineered Chemical Feed Systems

Engineered Chemical Feed Systems Since 1985, our mission has always been to provide customers with quality products and services.  We provide increased value by offering full client support in the design, procurement, installation, parts and service for your application.  We take pride in having a knowledgeable and dedicated staff that follow through on our commitments … Read more

Barrier Fluid

DuraClear Lubricant

A full range of engineered lubricants suitable for plant-wide mechanical seal support DuraClear oils are formulated for the complex lubrication requirements demanded by mechanical seals. The performance benefits over general duty lubricants have been recognized in lab testing and proven in the field. Mechanical seals endure tens of thousands of hours of operation in every … Read more

Packaged Dechlorination Systems

Dechlorinating Effluent Prior to Discharge Municipal wastewater treatment plants often use chlorine as a primary disinfectant or during emergency procedures. Chlorine is dosed as elemental chlorine gas or as a chlorinated compound such as liquid sodium hypochlorite.  The proper application of this process requires enough chlorine to carry a residual, and as a result, some … Read more

SureFeed Pump Interface Module

The SureFeed Pump Interface Module from SCG Process, is the ideal solution to ensure that your chemical feed system is always in operation. The SureFeed features three distinct modes of operation and allows for automatic switchover of the duty pump in the event of a pump fault. It incorporates a touch screen display for straightforward … Read more


Chemlance Easy Cleaning Corporation Stops Chemlance is an innovative solution to tackle the challenges of clogged injection quills in the chemical feed process. It is a corporation stop that allows for simple in-situ cleaning without having to shutdown the process. The Chemlance is ideal for chemicals that experience calcification and particulate build up at the … Read more

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