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Setting the Standard for Pressure Level Transmitter Isolation Valves.

Reduced plant maintenance. Improved instrument calibration. Enhanced employee health and safety.


For over 35 years, the Indu-Tech Level Transmitter Isolation Valve has been built to the get job done under the toughest conditions at industrial sites around the world. With an optimized design that enables superior level measurements, simplified installation and the industry’s only Swirl-Purge™ in-situ flushing feature, the Indu-Tech Level Transmitter Isolation Valve sets the standard for long-term and trouble-free performance.

Works With all Makes and Models of Pressure Level Transmitters









Schneider Electric







Reduced Plant Maintenance
Maximize uptime at your facility by eliminating the time and cost associated with draining process tanks to change-out or calibrate level measurement instrumentation.
Improved Instrument Calibration
Maximize uptime at your facility by eliminating the time and cost associated with draining process tanks to change-out or calibrate level measurement instrumentation.
Enhanced Employee Health and Safety
Reduce the amount of time that staff spend around process tanks for maintenance and eliminate the challenges associated with leaking valves.

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Worldwide Installation Base

Whether your application is black liquor, tall oil, chemical, chlorine, stock or any other medium, give Indu-Tech a call with your application data.  Our pressure level transmitter isolation valves are trusted at thousands of locations around the world. 


Pulp & Paper


Oil & Gas

Chemical Processing


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General Industry

Blog Post: Soot Blower Maintenance Improves Boiler Efficiency ​

Soot blowers are used to clean heating surfaces of boilers  – they get soot deposits on them as a result of the heating process. Why do they need to be cleaned? The soot deposits reduce the efficiency of the boilers and it is more cost effective to employ a cleaning system than to allow for lower efficiencies. From a safety perspective, soot buildups are at risk of catching fire. Soot blowers come in many shapes and sizes. Some are manually operated, some sit in place and clean a specific area, some are deployed when cleaning is necessary and retracted when they are not. The most common method is for the blower to direct steam at specific tubes or spots within the boiler to knock the soot down and out of the system. The soot is either collected and removed or may be burned and exit the system through the chimney.

Distributor Announcement

Indu-Tech is pleased to announce the appointment of Swanson Flo as a stocking distributor in the upper Midwest of USA. Territories included Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Michigan, Kentucky.   Jon Howe, President of Swanson Flo said “Indu-Tech isolation valves allow us to add value to our customers by providing them with a solution to calibrate pressure level transmitters in-situ to ensure accuracy and meet compliance requirements, while reducing down time.”

COVID-19 Update

The health and safety of our employees is our top priority during these uncertain times.  Many of our office employees have transitioned to remote work environments and our manufacturing/assembly facilities have implemented best practices for workplace safety.  As an essential business we are committed to maintaining our high level of customer service and meeting our product and system delivery dates to the best of our abilities.  Please contact us if you have any questions. 

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