Parts Repair

Don’t throw your old parts away. Give them a second chance to serve you.

Part & Component Repairs

Large scale pumps move huge quantities of material through them and are constantly under heavy load. They are built to withstand the constant strains, loads, and abuse forced upon them, but every owner or operator knows that no pump lasts forever.

Rather than purchasing a costly replacement pump or hard to find replacement parts, think about repairing the broken components. A repair to your shaft, impeller, sleeve, casing or bearing frame will save your business money and time.

Impeller Repair – Patterns, Templates and Experience

SCG Process has developed an extensive library of drawings, inventory of patterns, templates, and tooling. This coupled with our highly skilled team of knowledgeable craftsmen, state-of-the-art-equipment, and a large, organized shop, allows us to cost-effectively repair most of your old bone-yard impellers.

Our facility produces high quality impellers including single suction open and/or closed and double suction closed. All Impellers are dynamically balanced and meet full customer specifications.

Parts Repairs Extend The Life Of Your Industrial Pumps

Our program incorporates the latest welding technology to allow our company to rebuild and reuse numerous pump components. Most of these parts would have otherwise been scrapped and replaced with more expensive new parts. Longer life cycle is achieved with repaired parts due to advanced welding technology. Refurbished parts provide a shorter payback period when compared to the costs of new parts.

If a component cannot be refurbished back to specifications, we can reverse engineer and have new castings poured or machine/fabricate a new part. This allows your pump to be put back in service with rights parts and metallurgy for the application.

We provide significant cost savings in parts and component repair for our clients. Let’s talk about your old pump.

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