Salvage Program

SCG Process offers an easy to implement inventory management program for salvage parts and equipment that is proven to reduce costs and delivery times. Most industrial sites have an inventory of used parts that have been removed from equipment during maintenance and change-out activities that are placed in surplus inventory storage or make their way to a boneyard for scrap. This on-site inventory of used pump parts often keeps increasing as there is not a single point of accountability to sort and manage the parts, employees may not know what to do with a part or employees change roles and the knowledge of which parts are in the surplus inventory and their condition are lost. The problem is that these parts often have a significant value that is wasting away and not being used.

SCG Process works with its customers to ensure that the full value of their surplus inventory is realized, which reduces operating costs and delivery times for pump parts. We receive weekly deliveries from customer sites that contain a variety of impellers, casings, stuffing boxes, side plates and other miscellaneous pump parts. Our experts quickly identify the salvage pump parts and determine which ones still have a useful service life. This enables you to defer purchasing new parts and significantly reduces operating costs. We provide this service to industrial facilities throughout Canada.

How the Salvage Program Works

Step 1:
SCG Process ships a blue salvage box to your facility.

Step 2:
You fill the blue salvage box with used pump parts and call SCG Process to arrange a pickup. The condition of the parts doesn’t matter, place it in the box and we can determine the next step.

Step 3:
SCG Process will confirm receipt of items, identify and catalogue all the parts. Your blue salvage box will be stored at a secure SCG Process facility – we manage the surplus inventory, so you don’t have to.

Step 4:
When you need a part, call SCG Process or send an RFP, and we will provide you with the best option to either repair or buy a new part depending on the condition of available surplus inventory.

Customer Example

Leveraging the Salvage Program, a large pulp & paper producer enrolled 3 of its mills in the program and realized significant savings within the first year of program. Compared to purchasing all new parts, the total annual savings of using (and repairing) salvage parts was 43% with an average delivery time of just 7 weeks. The surplus parts which represented the greatest savings impact vs buying new parts included impellers at 20%, stuffing boxes at 36% and miscellaneous equipment (bowls, bells, volutes) at 59%. As an added benefit, by centralizing their surplus inventory from 3 mills with SCG Process, more surplus parts were readily available for use at all facilities.

Upgrading Salvage Inventory Parts

SCG Process can provide you with options to upgrade old surplus parts to meet your operational needs. For example, a cast iron part can be 3-D scanned and exactly reproduced in a higher quality alloy such as 316SS which extends the life of the part by 2-3 times. We can also enhance parts to exceed OEM tolerance or meet specific operating requirements at your facility. Stuffing boxes are another good example of parts that can be optimized as we can retrofit them to work with mechanical seals. Our experts are your resource to help optimize pump operations at your facility.

Obsolete Surplus Equipment

If you no longer need a part or piece of equipment that is obsolete at your facility, SCG Process can facilitate a surplus equipment sale on your behalf. If scrap parts are shipped in a blue salvage box, we can facilitate a scrap sale and provide you with credit towards future part rebuilds or purchases.

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