Protect your assets against abrasive environments that cause downtime, with thermally applied coatings.

Thermally Applied Spray Coatings

Standard equipment just not cutting it? Maybe we can help. At SCG Process we can offer a variety of treatments and coatings to your components to extend their life in harsh application environments.

Our Maxi-Cote sleeves are designed for industrial applications and have been an industrial success for 20 years. The sleeves have a unique engineered industrial coating that is metallurgically bonded to the base material. With excellent chemical resistance and extreme abrasion resistance the coating also exhibits a low coefficient of friction, important for seals and packing to ride on. The combination of these factors gives our customers performance insurance against premature seal, sleeve and/or packing failures.

Unlike Maxi-Cote sleeves, chroming can delaminate from the base material. This causes “shredding” of the packing and contaminates the process. Maxi-Cote sleeves wear evenly and eventually will wear into the base material without delaminating. This characteristic gives you the ability to schedule maintenance rather than suffer expensive unscheduled downtime.

We have a large selection of Maxi-Cote sleeves in stock or we can custom make a sleeve for your application.

Technical Information:

  • 58 – 62 HRC
  • Chromium 26% + 2%
  • Metallurgically bonded to the base material
  • Base material selected for your application with a wide range of base materials available

Maxi-Cote industrial sleeves are manufactured on CNC lathes to ensure repeatability of a quality product, decreased production lead times, and a decrease of cost to our customers.

Maxi-Cote quality industrial sleeves give you the maintenance reliability you need and we are confident they will become a trusted maintenance solution for your industry. In addition to Maxi-Cote sleeves, SCG Process provides a wide variety of coating solutions for industrial applications.

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