Packaged Dechlorination Systems

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Dechlorinating Effluent Prior to Discharge

Municipal wastewater treatment plants often use chlorine as a primary disinfectant or during emergency procedures. Chlorine is dosed as elemental chlorine gas or as a chlorinated compound such as liquid sodium hypochlorite.  The proper application of this process requires enough chlorine to carry a residual, and as a result, some of this residual chlorine can end up in a receiving waterbody once the treated effluent is discharged.  Federal and provincial regulations set the standards for how much chlorine can be safely discharged without harming the aquatic environment.

As an example, the Federal Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulation 2012-06-29, which is part of the Fisheries Act, addresses the largest point sources of pollution in Canadian waters to help reduce the threats to fish, fish habitat and human health.

Packaged Dechlorination Systems

To help ensure regulatory compliance, small and mid-sized treatment plants as well as larger facilities with decentralized treatment locations, turn to SCG Process to help develop and implement turnkey dechlorination solutions.  Each location presents unique challenges with varying disinfection needs, equipment configurations and flowrates.

The dechlorination system includes a climate controlled walk-in enclosure which houses all the equipment and can be configured in several standard sizes.  The turnkey design typically includes a duty/standby chemical dosing system which is connected to dual containment chemical storage tanks.  The system also includes monitoring and control equipment that communicates with the chemical dosing system to maintain a required dosage proportional to the variable plant flow and chlorine residual dechlorination requirements.  Safety systems are built-in and typically include chemical tank overflow warning, eyewash station, venting and alarm notifications based on over or under dosage and equipment faults.

The packaged systems can be completely pre-piped, pre-wired and tested prior to shipping, which greatly reduces the amount of time required for installation and commissioning. Shipping the package is straight forward as it’s designed to fit on a flatbed truck and delivered directly to site.  Once onsite, SCG Process service technicians work with the plant staff and contractors to activate and calibrate all components of the system.  An extensive training program is also provided by SCG Process to ensure all staff are familiar and comfortable with the system.

Benefits of Packaged Systems:

  • Cost certainty
  • Quality assurance
  • Controlled assembly environment
  • Factory tested prior to shipment
  • Simplified installation
  • Ideal for remote locations

SCG Process is a leader in providing turnkey water and wastewater treatment systems across Canada that are proven to work in various types of climate conditions.  A team of Sales, Project Managers, Project Engineers and Service Technicians work with the treatment facility from concept through to implementation to produce a packaged system that meets and exceeds expectations and regulatory requirements.  SCG Process is also a provider of aftermarket support and services which provides the treatment facility with a single point of contact for the life of the system.

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SCG Process provides a one-stop shop, end to end solution for your water, wastewater and industrial needs.

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