Parts Manufacturing

Reliability is not compromised with WestCan pump parts. We have been manufacturing parts in North America for over 45 years and control the entire production process which results in extremely high-quality parts with reduced delivery times at a savings of up to 50% off OEM prices. Our exact-fit parts are built to perform the same or even better then original OEM parts by using exotic metallurgies and pump part design enhancements. Once we build a part, we will have the drawings and patterns to ensure a long-term inventory supply – you won’t have to worry about a pump part becoming obsolete or changing out equipment at your facility.

Parts Catalogue

We offer an extensive and growing catalogue of pump parts that covers 50 popular brands, making us a one-stop shop for all your part needs. If we don’t have an existing drawing for a pump part, we can reverse engineer the part and add it to the catalogue. Our drawings are highly accurate which result in the consistent reproduction of durable pump parts. We can also create computer assisted 3D drawings that can be used for alternative casting methods such as foam patterns that can offer quicker and more cost-effective options to produce one-off parts. Our drawings serve as an accurate base of information for quality assurance which ensures that you get the longest life and superior performance from your pump parts.

Catalogue Pump Parts:


Bearing frames

Bearing frame covers

Wear plates




Stuffing box covers

Packing glands


Over 50 popular pump brands in our catalogue, including:

Ahlstrom Pumps

Sulzer Pumps

Goulds Pumps

A-C Pumps

Allis Chalmers Pumps

Bingham Pumps

Canada Pumps

Layne Pumps

Peerless Pumps

Ingersoll Rand Pumps

Hayward Gordon Pumps


Foundry Works

We have long-term relationships with North American based foundries that understand our business and the types of metallurgical pours that are required to produce pump parts. In fact, in most cases, we use the same foundries that OEMs use to produce their parts in North America. Pouring for small and complex pump parts is a difficult task and our foundry partners can use computer generated pour simulations to ensure the proper flow and cooling times to meet exact product specifications. We have access to the pouring schedules of our foundry partners which enables us to take advantage of larger pour projects and exotic metal pours that can reduce costs and delivery timelines for our customers. Foundry capabilities, relations and expertise are critical to produce high-quality pump parts.

Raw Casting

We offer a large inventory of raw castings that can be quickly machined to your required specifications. For our long-term parts customers, we offer a managed inventory program with guaranteed raw casting inventories for individual facilities. Our castings can be made in a variety of exotic alloys depending on end use requirements. We have the capacity, machinery and expertise to complete all of our raw casting finishing in-house which ensures quality control, quicker delivery and reduced product costs.

Machining Capabilities

Machining Capabilities02-smushed
Our large-scale pump part finishing facility is ISO 9001-2015 certified and has the capacity, machinery and expertise to complete pump part finishing in-house. Our large capacity CNCs, boring and milling equipment is supplemented by a wide variety of manual drill presses, mills and lathes that are operated by skilled technicians. This combination of automated and manual finishing options gives us a high-level of efficiency as we can use the right tool for a specific task at the right time within the same facility. We also offer exotic alloy welding to enhance part performance and hard overlay fusion welding to improve wear resistance. Our over-sized paint and bake facility can handle large equipment pieces and is ideal for ceramic coatings and thermal insulation application.

Quality Control


We have a dedicated quality control department that is responsible to ensure that each pump part that leaves our facility is certified to OEM or better specifications. Our specialized equipment, including FARO arms test standard tolerances down to 0.0005-inch to ensure part accuracy. Before a part leaves our facility, it undergoes a detailed quality checklist that includes fits, tolerance, run outs, holes, gauges, threads and surface finish. Once a part passes its quality checks it is inscribed with a code to track maintenance history and to match it to the original drawing. When required, dynamic balancing is conducted in-house to OEM or customer specific specifications.

Pattern Inventory

Pattern Inventory (36) (3)
We are the experts when it comes to pattern making – the foundation of a high-quality pump part. We have a dedicated, in-house pattern building facility with skilled craftsmen that have been perfecting their craft for over 35 years which results in patters that maintain their integrity over the long run. We also offer 3D printed patterns and partial patterns that can be combined with other materials for more complicated project needs. We have invested over four million dollars in pattern production ranging in size from five pounds to over ten thousand pounds per pattern. Our patterns are secured in individual storage boxes and stored in a protected environment in Canada. Maintaining pattern integrity over the long-term is a critical step for manufacturing high-quality pump parts that are durable and offer an exact fit for your application.

Questions and Answers

We have been producing pump parts for over 45 years and we have produced over 95,000 high- quality pump parts for a variety of industries. We have also produced over 25,000 drawings for cast and turned parts.
Our parts are designed to work the same if not better than the original part and we offer a 1-year limited warranty for any manufacturing defect.
We use the same specifications and tolerance, and the same North American foundries as many of the large pump OEMs. We can efficiently produce smaller volumes of pump parts in-house while eliminating the mark-up costs that you would pay for OEM branding.
We have been manufacturing parts in North America for over 45 years and control the entire production process which results in extremely high-quality parts with reduced delivery times at a savings of up to 50% off OEM prices.
The short answer is yes, but we typically recommend alternate materials to allow for refurbishment and longer life.

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