Barrier Fluid

DuraClear Lubricant

A full range of engineered lubricants suitable for plant-wide mechanical seal support

DuraClear oils are formulated for the complex lubrication requirements demanded by mechanical seals. The performance benefits over general duty lubricants have been recognized in lab testing and proven in the field.

DuraClear LubricantMechanical seals endure tens of thousands of hours of operation in every type of fluid that may be transported throughout a plant. Many of these fluids challenge seals by being dirty, contaminated, hot, hazardous, flammable, providing poor lubrication, changing phases, solidifying, coking, crystallizing, and plating out. For many of these applications a barrier fluid must be selected that is environmental safe, nonreactive with the process fluid, and a good mechanical seal face lubricant.

DuraClear barrier fluid grades 5-F (ISO 5) and 32-F (ISO 32) are the workhorse seal lubricants, capable of covering the majority of barrier and buffer fluid needs within chemical, petrochemical, pipeline, and refinery plants. These DuraClear grades are fully synthetic poly-alpha olefin (PAO) based oils which offer numerous performance advantages over minerals oils, including:

• Reduced friction and wear
• Oxidation resistance and high temperature stability
• Low temperature fluidity and lubrication
• Chemically stable and compatible with most process fluids
• Low volatility and hydrolytic stability
• Less sludge and varnish build-up
• Longer life means fewer drain intervals, less lubricant disposal
• Reduced lubricant and energy consumption
• Non-toxic, non-hazardous, environmentally safe
• Food grade

Compatible with all seal face materials

• Carbon
• Silicon Carbides
• Tungsten
• Carbides

While some barrier fluids are too thin to support hard vs hard seal faces and other barrier fluids cause blistering on carbon seal faces, DuraClear can support any combination of the above mentioned seal face materials under most conditions.

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