Surplus Equipment & Parts

Surplus Equipment & Parts

SCG Process has been partnering with industrial and municipal customers for over 45 years, and we have built a reputation for a high level of customer service and innovative solutions.  We offer a large inventory of quality surplus equipment and parts that are critical to our customers facility up-time and are often difficult to source. 

SCG Process is a valuable resource to our customers to help them liquidate surplus equipment that still has a useful life and a cost-effective partner for sourcing a variety of surplus equipment and parts including complete pumps, casings, impellers, backing plates and shafts.  We compliment our surplus offering with our extensive inventory of new pumps, parts and mechanical seals from leading OEM suppliers.  Our manufacturing and rebuild facilities feature over 50,000 sq.ft. of state-of-the art machining equipment and tools to handle virtually any equipment rebuild, material upgrade or obsolete part reproduction.  We are the industry experts.

Canada-Wide Supplier

SCG Process services customers throughout Canada with quality surplus equipment and parts. We understand the unique needs of regional customers.

New & Used Equipment

We compliment our large inventory of surplus equipment with an extensive offering of new pumps, parts and mechanical seals from leading OEM suppliers.

Trade Credit for Your Surplus

SCG Process is a valuable partner for you to generate value from surplus equipment in the form of new purchase credits or salvaging parts to rebuild new equipment assets.

On-site Inventory

Our warehouses are located near major industrial zones to support large industrial and municipal clients with a high level of service and quick shipping options.

Options for Surplus Equipment & Parts

Salvage - Current Condition

Current Condition

Equipment and parts are sold and shipped in their current condition.

Salvage - Rebuilt Pump


Pumps are rebuilt to “original” condition.  Pumps are trimmed, balanced and built to OEM specs. SCG Process warranty is provided. 


Material Upgrade

Custom manufactured material upgrades to meet the specific needs of your application to extend pump and part life.  SCG Process warranty is provided. 

Looking for something specific?

Trade Credits for Surplus or Obsolete Equipment & Parts

Do you have an inventory of surplus parts, idle or obsolete equipment at your facility that you would like to clear out or better manage?  SCG Process will accept large equipment pieces and skids of mixed parts, review the inventory and provide you with credits towards new equipment purchases.  We can even identify the parts with remaining service life, refurbish the items and hold them in inventory until you require them using our innovative salvage optimization program.

We are looking for the following equipment and parts:

Industrial pumps
Backing plates
Industrial blowers

Use the form to let us know about surplus equipment or parts that you would like us to review.  Please include a full description and a minimum of two photos from different angles.

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