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If You Use Pressure Level Transmitters – You Need Indu-Tech Isolation Valves

Over the past 35 years, thousands of Indu-Tech isolation valves have been installed at pulp & paper mills, chemical processing facilities, food & beverage producers, water treatment plants, mines and many other sites that incorporate pressure level transmitters in their operations. Indu-Tech isolation valves enable users to quickly calibrate and change out pressure level transmitters without draining process tanks and without the on-going worry of leaks. The valves are especially valuable for operations that deal with corrosive or abrasive chemicals.

Swirl Purge Feature – Save maintenance staff time with the in-situ flushing feature which ensures a clean and clog-free passageway to the level transmitter diaphragm.

In-situ Calibration – Two ¼" NPT ports on the instrument side of the valve enable in-situ calibration of pressure level transmitter, saving time and money.

Reduce Plant Maintenance – Eliminate the time and cost associated with draining process tanks to change-out or calibrate pressure level transmitters.

Enhance Employee Safety – Reduce the time that workers spend around process tanks for pressure level transmitter maintenance.

Works With All Makes and Models of Pressure Level Transmitters

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Universal Mounting

The isolation valve has independent bolting patterns to mount the valve to the tank and the level transmitter. Separate mounting plates ensure a safe working environment.

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Thin Cross Section

The isolation valve features a thin cross section which ensures the level transmitter is as close as possible to the process tank for better measurement accuracy.

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Lever Handle with Simple Lock Out

The isolation valve is designed with a 90-degree ¼ turn on/off lever handle. With no exposed apparatus on the handle, operators can open or close the handle on demand.

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Light Weight and Compact

The isolation valve weighs under 20lbs (9kg) and is straight forward to install, even in confined spaces. Installation does not require mechanized lifting gear.

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Bubble Tight Seal

The isolation valve features a close captured seated ball design, which ensures that the process medium does not build up internally as commonly experienced with open cavity ball valves.

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The isolation valve is API 607 4th edition certified for fire rating as well as CRN certified (Canada), ANSI Specifications, API 598, ISO 9003-2015, EPA Bubble Tight.

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