Technical Specifications

Whether your application is black liquor, tall oil, chemical, chlorine, stock or any other medium, give Indu-Tech a call with your application data. We have probably done it.

Indu-Tech Isolation Valve Selection Chart

Standard Applications

Valve Model LT 3-inch, 150 lb 316 SS is a standard valve model.

Custom Applications

For unique applications the Indu-Tech valve is available in:

Diameter Flange Sizes 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch

Pressure Ratings

  • 150 lb Class
  • 300 lb Class
  • 600 lb Class

Specialty Materials

The Indu-Tech valve is available in a wide variety of materials to suit specific applications.

API 607 Fire Rated

The fire rated Indu-Tech Level Transmitter Isolation Valve is API 607 4th edition certified.


  • CRN certified (Canada)
  • EPA bubble tight
  • ANSI specifications
  • API 598
  • Metric specifications
  • Offset flange for KGV retrofit
  • ISO 9003-2015

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