Transfer Pumps


Finish Thompson Inc Transfer Pumps

SCG Process is proud to represent Finish Thompson Inc. and their line of DB & SP Series premium magnetic-driven sealless centrifugal pumps and drum pumps.  

DB Series – Flooded Suction:

  • Engineered for performance with state-of-the-art software
  • Runs dry for hours without damage when equipped with a carbon bushing
  • Best efficiency of any pump in its class
  • Polypropylene or PVDF corrosion resistant construction
  • Horizontal or vertical (with IEC motor only) installation
  • High specific gravity handling – over 1.8

Typical DB Series Applications:

  • Chemical processes
  • Metal plating/working
  • Wastewater treatment
  • DI & High purity water
  • Mining 
  • Paper mills
  • Pharmaceutical 

SP Series – Self Priming:

  • Big on power – short on energy consumption
  • Deep-lift capabilities (up to 25 feet/7.6 meters)
  • Lightning-fast priming (18 feet/5.5 meters in 90 seconds)
  • Ease of operation
  • No seal replacement and no leaks
  • Corrosion-resistant material

Typical SP Series Applications:

  • Sumps
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Rail cars and tanker trucks
  • Over-the-wall applications
  • Double containment tanks
  • Piping systems that tend to have trapped or entrained air

Drum Pump Features

  •   Unique design
  •   Pump tubes interchangeable with motor selections
  •   Stainless steel  / Polypropylene construction
  •   Splash-proof, TEFC, explosion proof or air motor options
  •   Portable handheld units
  •   Handles everything from acids, fuels, oils, solvents, gear lube and glycerin

Become The Steward Of Your Plant’s Gas & Fluid Transfer, Treatment & Transport Needs.

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