Septage Receiving Stations


HogWash Septage Receiving Station

Developed and manufactured by SCG Process, the HogWash is an automated solution for receiving, treating & monitoring waste from septic tankers. The system allows easy pass key access for approved septic haulers to discharge truck loads while offering plant operators simple security, transaction recording and process monitoring. Each system is custom designed to account for varying communication, data collection, and treatment requirements.

The treatment strategy and regulations for septage is ever changing and the co-treatment process at sewage treatment plants is emerging as the preferred alternative to land application or land fill. Hauled septage that originates from sources like waste holding tanks and portable toilet facilities can typically be characterized as having high organics (BOD) & solids. It is important for a treatment plant to control and regulate what is entering the plant because septage can be up to 80 times more concentrated than typical wastewater. 

Owner Benefits
A receiving station should be considered an essential piece of equipment that protects plant assets and provides the basis of an information infrastructure that enables informed decision making and traceability. Real time site management is easily achieved with an advanced software suite that allows hauler lockouts, simplified account invoicing, and automated communication between the receiving station and plant headworks equipment. 

Hauler Benefits
The implementation of a new Septage Receiving Station is commonly met with inertia from the septage haulers, especially if it is a change from a simple manual waybill procedure. Experience has proven that a properly operated receiving station is a great benefit to the haulers as well. Gone are the days of searching for plant personnel to signoff on the transfer as full 24hr self service site access can be given to approved haulers. Also, hauling companies can have a more accurate snapshot of how their business is operating and what their drivers are doing daily.

Hogwash Features:

The Hogwash provides the basis of a business information infrastructure that enables a municipality to make informed decisions. It is used as a transaction audit for activity at the site and increases operational efficiency and process performance.

  • Hauler system activation station using key cards or key fobs
  • Data logging and transaction logging locally or remotely in real time
  • Stainless steel physical connection line with actuated valve (opening only on hauler approval) and electromagnetic flow meter for accurate load measurement
  • Treatment and measurement devices

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