Pressure Feed Systems


Pressure Gas Feed

For applications where chemicals are ideally fed to the process under pressure, the manifolding of cylinders or ton containers is necessary to satisfy gas feed withdrawal demands from the gas source. SCG supplies gas pressure manifold feed systems & packaged automatic dosing systems, supplying equipment and systems for several chemicals including chlorine, sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide, and ammonia.

Typical Applications:

  • Potable water disinfection 
  • Wastewater effluent disinfection 
  • Taste and odour control
  • Colour removal
  • Oxidation 
  • H2S (hydrogen sulphide) destruction
  • Algae/slime control
  • De-chlorination
  • pH control
  • Chloramination
  • THM prevention

SCG is dedicated to providing high quality system expertise while making every effort to ensure that the entire chlorine delivery system is safe, accurate and reliable.  We can supply standard products or a customized engineered solution to meet specific site demands for metering rates, chemical storage, and best practice system design. 


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