Potassium Permanganate

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Potassium Permanganate

For safe, reliable, and accurate handling and metering of the chemical, SCG Process provides a complete dry chemical makeup system for preparation and liquid chemical metering system for injection. SCG Process can provide real-time monitoring and controllers to optimize chemical addition.

Commonly supplied as potassium (KMNO4) or sodium permanganate (NaMnO4), the chemical is a highly reactive oxidizer suitable for a wide variety of inorganic and organic substances found in water treatment. While it is primarily used in control and removal applications (taste, odour, iron and manganese), it can also be useful in the prevention of trihalomethanes (THM’s) and disinfection by-products (DBP’s). By using permanganate early in the treatment train, the chlorination point can be moved further downstream, reducing the formation of DBP’s.

Special design considerations include providing proper personal protective equipment, eye wash stations, and a safe chemical metering system. It is toxic and irritating to skin and mucous membranes.

A Typical System Consists of:

  1. Storage & Handling

SAFE-Tank Cross link polyethylene storage tanks for storage requirements up to ~33,000 L. These tanks provide 110% containment for safe and a superior resistance with its antioxidant resistance coating. They are also NSF approved.

To monitor inventory, an ultrasonic level transmitters and electronic scales are the preferred options.

  1. Chemical Makeup

A packaged makeup system should be provided for sole source responsibility. The dry chemical should be metered into a mix tank by an eduction system and water supply. The mechanism for doing this will depend upon the size of the system and how the chemical is supplied (barrels, bags, etc).

The storage tank should be provided with a mixer to keep the chemical properly mixed.

The system should be provided with a local control panel for batch preparation. This can be performed manually or automatically based upon level monitoring in the tank.

  1. Chemical Metering

A factory engineered, assembled and tested liquid chemical metering system is provided with a choice of either metering pumps (diaphragm/peristaltic) or liquid eductors. The selected metering technology is mounted on wall mounted polyethylene panels or free-standing skids (FRP/carbon steel/stainless steel).

Systems can be designed to meet plant requirements for redundancy.

SCG provides all of the appurtenances required for safe and accurate metering. This includes pressure relief / back pressure sustaining valves, pressure gauges, pulsation dampeners (when required), flow monitoring devices, calibration columns, isolation valves, and local control panels.

  1. System Control

The metering pump system has a local control panel that can allow local metering control (duty selection/automatic switchover), remote metering control from the plant, and feedback to the plants’ monitoring system for chemical feed system status and alarming.

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