Ozone Generation

SCG Process can supply ozone generators for capacity requirements ranging from 0.25PPD to 6,000 PPD. For applications up to 50PPD, SCG offers an ozone plant from Denora and ProMinentFor sizes greater than 50PPD, De Nora packaged ozone treatment plants are ideal. They have provided some of the largest scale generators in the world.

Ozone is an extremely effective oxidant that can be used for oxidation, disinfection and colour removal. When applied correctly, ozone has a very quick and efficient effect on almost all known bacteria, viruses and microorganisms. It is also very environmentally friendly. 

Typical Applications:

  • Water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment 
  • Swimming pools
  • Chemical processing
  • Semi- conductor surface treatment
  • Pulp bleaching
  • Food products

Ozone is generated on site by injecting oxygen into a reactor and applying AC voltage across the reactor’s electrodes and dielectrics, creating ozone (O3). A liquid oxygen station (LOX) is commonly used to provide reliable oxygen production. While ozone is a safe and environmentally friendly solution, there also must be consideration given to off-gassing into the atmosphere and occupational exposure limitations.

SCG Process Product Recommendation

For safe, reliable, and accurate handling and metering of ozone, SCG recommends a complete, packaged ozone generation and injection system. A typical system includes:

  1. Generator

The generator should be sized to meet the demands required by the application. This is based on flow rates and chemical demand.

<50PPD Generator

>50PPD Generator

  1. Liquid Oxygen System (LOX)

The LOX system should be designed to provide reliable oxygen production. It should include a particulate filter, air dryer, and all appurtenances required.

  1. Ozone Destruction System

When ozone demand has been met, any off-gassing should be captured in an ozone destruct system

  1. Ambient Air Monitor
  2. Ozone Residual Analyzer

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