Disaster Response Systems

SCG Process leverages its decades of engineering experience to help municipalities prepare for various emergency response scenarios including flooding, wildfires and earthquakes.  Our mobile systems can be deployed for either short or long-term relief operations and can be connected directly to a municipal water tower to distribute water safely and quickly to residents from a designated location in the event that the infrastructure delivery system is compromised.  Water can begin to be distributed within hours of the system arriving on-site.   Having a plan to deliver safe potable water to citizens in the event of an emergency is a key step in emergency preparedness. 

SCG Process offers pre-engineered and factory tested water distribution systems that can be rapidly deployed to support water delivery efforts.  Each system includes:

  • Portable self-contained trailer
  • On-board generator
  • Chlorine monitoring and metering
  • Expandable pillow tanks for local water storage
  • All required pumps and electrical
  • Re-usable 5L potable water bags with automatic dispensing
  • Self-closing tap stands to fill almost any size container
  • Lights, tools and accessories to ensure citizen safety

The expert team at SCG Process are here to help municipalities be prepared for the unexpected.  We have a long-history of integrating various technology packages for municipal and industrial clients and custom solutions can be manufactured to meet specific needs.  Contact us to discuss your emergency preparation needs. 

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