Diaphragm Chemical Feed Pumps


Diaphragm Chemical Feed Pumps

SCG Process offers a wide variety of chemical feed pumps and ancillary components for industrial and municipal applications and we are proud to be an authorized representative of ProMinent.

Solenoid-driven metering pumps are available in capacities ranging from 0.74 to 80 l/h at a back pressure of 25 to 2 bar. To be able to meter almost any liquid chemicals, ProMinent uses a very extensive range of materials.

A magnet moves the solenoid shaft forwards and backwards by switching on and off. This stroke movement is transferred to the diaphragm in the dosing head. Two non-return valves prevent the feed chemical from flowing back during pumping. But that’s not all. The stroke length and stroke rate can be precisely adjusted to alter the capacity of ProMinent solenoid driven metering pumps.
Because there is only one moving part, the drive is virtually wear-free. The pump requires no lubricated bearings or shafts; the maintenance and repair costs are therefore very low. The continuous running characteristics are excellent.

Typical Applications:
• General: Metering of chemicals of between 1 ml/h and 80 l/h
• Potable water treatment: Metering of disinfectants
• Cooling circuits: Metering of corrosion inhibitors and biocides
• Wastewater treatment: Metering of flocculants
• Paper industry: Metering of additives
• Plastics production: Metering of additives

Gamma / XL
The new solenoid-driven metering pump gamma/ XL is the enhancement to our proven gamma/ X and covers a capacity range from 8 – 80 l/h at 25 – 2 bar. The gamma/ XL also has other interfaces, for example CAN bus and Wi-Fi connections. This allows the gamma/ XL to network with all systems, devices and platforms. Like the gamma/ X, the gamma/ XL has an intuitive operating concept. The pump is adjusted using a click wheel and 4 additional operating keys. Pressure detection without wetted parts ensures maximum operational safety. Hydraulic error statuses, like “Gas in the dosing head”, “Overpressure” and “No pressure” can be detected.

Pressure fluctuations in the system are detected and compensated for, achieving a high level of dosing precision and reducing chemical consumption to the required level. The last 300 events are retrospectively saved in the integral logbook, which permits rapid analysis of the cause and troubleshooting. Deviations from the metering volume or hydraulic fault statuses are immediately detected and corrected by the gamma/ XL. The pump’s operating menu includes ordering information for the wear parts required.

Features & Benefits:
• Simple adjustment of the capacity directly in l/h or in gph
• Integrated pressure measurement and display for greater safety during commissioning and in the process
• Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection for the simple configuration and call-up of process data (optional)
• Capacity adjustment range 1:40,000
• Direct input of the required final concentration with volume-proportional metering tasks in concentration mode
• Virtually wear-free solenoid drive, overload-proof and economical

Motor-Driven Metering Pumps
Motor-driven metering pumps need to be robust, reliable and able to run on their own without supervision. Metering pumps with mechanically actuated diaphragms can be used almost universally in low pressure ranges.

The stroke length and stroke rate – in this case the motor speed – can be adjusted to alter the capacity of this pump. The rotation of the electric motor is stepped down by a worm gear and converted into a linear stroke movement by a cam. The slide rod transfers this stroke movement to the diaphragm in the dosing head. Two non-return valves prevent the feed chemical from flowing back during pumping.

Motor-Driven Metering Pumps Can Handle:
• Chemicals up to over 1,000 l/h
• Disinfectants in potable water treatment
• Disinfectants in cooling circuits
• Flocculants in waste water treatment
• Additives in the paper industry
• Additives in plastic manufacturing

The pumps offer a very wide performance range. They also offer extremely accurate metering even under fluctuating pressure conditions (rigid characteristic curve). This results in reduced chemical consumption and precise process control.

Need a higher performance class? These pumps always deliver robust, low-cost power. They are also flexible: they can be controlled via the stroke length and motor speed, allowing them to be seamlessly integrated and/or retrofitted in automated processes. Energy consumption depends on the power required, not the other way round. And lastly, specially designed metering profiles allow optimum metering results.

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