Condensate Pumps


Pumps used in condensate collection systems need to overcome some challenging technical issues for them to be reliable.  High temperatures and low vapour pressure margins can lead to unexpected failures, high maintenance costs and increased chemical costs.  SCG Process has pumps specifically designed to solve these issues and provide years of trouble-free service even in the harshest condensate recovery applications.


SIHI side channel pumps from FLOWSERVE combine elements of centrifugal and positive displacement technologies to separate and independently handle gas and liquid components through distinctly different pathways. Their ability to handle entrained gases results in a highly efficient system capable of handling liquid/gas mixtures with high vapor content. Unlike centrifugal pumps, which can underperform and air lock with as little as 3% entrained vapor, SIHI’s side channel technology accommodates as much as 50% vapor in the suction stream with no ill effects. 

FLOWSERVE CEH pumps tick all the boxes when it comes to features that reliable condensate pumps need: 

  • Low NPSHr first stage impeller
  • Multi-phase liquid handling
  • Self Priming
  • Robust sealing options including mag-drive
  • Steep curve that is more stable if the system pressure changes
  • Materials of construction to ensure compatibility with water chemistry

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