Chlorine Dioxide


Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2)

Chlorine Dioxide is a very reactive gas that cannot be stored and must be generated onsite. This is accomplished by combining sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid. SCG can provide a complete solution for chlorine dioxide generation, feed and control and is an exclusive* distributor for ProMinent Fluid Controls & their line of chlorine dioxide package systems. 

Chlorine dioxide is an effective method of disinfection as an alternative for chlorination. It is a very good oxidant & it addresses some of the concerns with disinfection by-products. With the continuous tightening of regulations surrounding trihalomethanes (THMs), chlorine dioxide is growing in popularity. 

Typical Applications:

  • Disinfection
  • Zebra Mussel Control
  • Legionella Prevention

Key Advantages:

  • Disinfection power is pH independent
  • Long residual effect
  • No reaction with ammonia or ammonium
  • No formation of chorophenols and other intense odour compounds which can be produced in water chlorination
  • No formation of THMs and other chlorinated hydrocarbons

*Exclusive municipal distributor in Ontario
*Exclusive distributor for all markets in Manitoba & Saskatchewan

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