Calcium Hypochlorite


Calcium Hypochlorite

SCG is an exclusive distributor for Lonza and their Constant Chlor line of calcium hypochlorite generators. We can supply systems ranging up to 1,000 lbs available chlorine per day, including the generator and chemical.

Typical Applications:

  • Potable water treatment
  • Rapid rate CSO
  • Wastewater overflow disinfection

Calcium hypochlorite is an effective alternative to using bulk hypochlorite or gas chlorine for chlorination applications. It is typically less regulated, less hazardous and less corrosive than other methods of chlorination. The solution is produced in a lower concentration (~1.5%) which leads to slower degradation. The onsite generation of solution also provides for an on-demand production of chemical.


  • Kills bacteria, controls algae and aids in removing organic contaminants
  • Consistent and reliable chlorine solution
  • Feeder and briquettes are NSF/ANSI Certified for drinking water
  • Briquettes made in the USA
  • Unique briquette shape creates a well-packed spray bed
  • Minimal operator dosage adjustment
  • Easy to use touch screen (UL508A rated, NEMA 4X control panel with HMI interface)
  • SCADA compatible
  • Compatible with positive displacement pumps
  • Dry, easy-to-handle formulation
  • Scale inhibitor for reliable performance
  • Lite versions also available as an alternative to our feature packed models

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