Bulk Chemical Unloading


SCG Process offers a variety of pre-engineered, fabricated, dry chemical feed packages.  Each system is designed to meet the unique needs of existing and new treatment facilities.  With our manufacturing and engineering capabilities, minimal field assembly and piping installation is required.

For smaller applications, simple bag unloaders and tank/hopper assemblies are ideal.  For larger applications, SCG Process can design complete bulk bag and silo configurations.  Solution and slurry make-up can be provided for a variety of control strategies including manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. 

Bulk Bag

The bulk bag unloader comes complete with a free-standing frame.  The package is supplied with a lower bag flow actuator, level control in a transition hopper and a bag access door connected to a dust collector.

The system is situated on top of the solution make-up package, complete with feeder, tank, mixer, control panel and metering pump.

Powder Activated Carbon (PAC)

The compact and sturdy design of the SCG Process PAC feed system allows it to fit into any operation using only a small footprint.  The steel construction ensures lifetime structural security.  Our systems use Super Bag Technology and an automated process to eliminate slurry handling.  

Bulk Storage and Dosing 

The silo system includes a complete chemical dry bulk storage dosing system.  Installation drawings, commissioning and training on system operation, maintenance and safety are offered standard with each system.   

The silo features welded steel construction with a full support skirt and comes equipped with a fill line, safety ladders and guardrail, level control, lights, heaters, vent filters, control panels and slurry solution make-up system.  

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SCG Process provides a one-stop shop, end to end solution for your water, wastewater and industrial needs.

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