Bearing Frames

Bearing Frame

A pump’s bearing frame is the backbone of its reliability and the performance of your process equipment depends on a robust support structure. Whether its your housing, bearings, lubrication system, or shaft, we have your bearing frame requirements covered.

Through re-boring, sleeving or chroming and grinding your shaft back to OEM tolerances, we can bring your worn equipment back to proper operating standards. We can perform a quality rebuild of your bearing frames complete with our documented quality assurance checks on your shaft run-outs and bearing bore tolerances.

Looking for an upgrade?

Let us optimize your bearing frames life expectancy and offer an upgrade to your bearing isolation solution. Failed packing or leaking seals can lead to premature failures of bearing frames as process fluid makes its way into the bearing frame, compromising the support systems. Give your bearings the longest possible life expectancy in the harsh environments of your process using robust bearing guard isolators.

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