August 2021 – Mining Solutions to Improve Efficiency and Health & Safety

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SCG Process is Canada’s largest one-stop shop to solve industrial and municipal fluid process challenges. We represent leading OEM brands and provide solutions for new pumps, precision parts & rebuilds, chemical feed, measurement & control, filtration & disinfection and integrated packages. Over 45 years of experience.

Stop Draining Tanks to Replace Pressure Level Transmitters


SCG Indu-Tech Level Transmitter Isolation Valves have been built to get the job done under the toughest conditions at mine sites around the world. The valves are simple to install and help to enable production uptime by eliminating the need to drain process tanks to change-out or calibrate level measurement instrumentation.

Solution Snapshot
A large copper mine was operating numerous 20% sulfuric acid lines, each fitted with pressure level transmitters (PLT) to monitor tank fluid levels. Due to the corrosive nature of the process fluid, the PLTs were frequently failing and had to be replaced. This required the mine operator to regularly stop production of a line to drain the impacted tank to replace the PLT. This was a costly exercise and put employees at risk of exposure to the hazardous chemical.

Solution: After reviewing several approaches to reduce the need for tank drains at the site, the mine operator selected Indu-Tech isolation valves due to their ease of installation and proven track record in corrosive environments. Once the valves were installed, mine site personnel were able to isolate individual PLTs easily and safely for in-situ calibration and /or repair without the need for costly tank drains. The result was that the mine operator saved thousands of dollars in labour and production downtime costs!

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Acid storage

Best Tanks for Sulfuric Acid Storage

Sulfuric acid can be a tricky chemical to store as it is heavy, can create toxic or flammable gas, and can burn the skin. A smart storage solution should start with a well-designed plan for the entire storage system and all components.

Poly Processing has developed a proprietary polyethylene that is ideal for sulfuric acid storage. Crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) tanks provide unmatched load tolerance that can handle the chemical’s heavy weight. XLPE’s molecular bonding, combined with a thick tank wall, provides necessary structural strength. This is especially critical in the bottom third of the tank, where the highest hoop stress levels are concentrated.

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Pump skid

Custom Engineered Pump Skids

A mine in Atlantic Canada was struggling with their underground sumps. The constant need to muck out the individual sumps and maintain many submersible pumps was costly and time consuming.

An innovative solution was proposed to use a multi-pump booster package to pump from the first sump pit all the way to the treatment facility. The distance and elevation change made this a tall order to achieve but the custom engineered skid with three pumps in series was ideal to meet the hydraulic duty requirements. As an added benefit, the mine operator simplified operations by going from numerous sump pumps to just a single pump skid.

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Dust system

Dust Control Operations

We are your single point of accountability for design, procurement, installation, parts & service for liquid chemical feed systems for dust control. Our high quality, precision metering systems provide you with simple and automated control to tackle the harshest conditions.

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Reagent system

Reagent Preparation Systems

SCG Process offers a wide variety of pre-engineered reagent preparation and dosing systems for challenging applications that demand consistent performance. We understand the importance of properly treated effluent for sustainable mining operations and regulatory compliance.

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Dewatering Pump Solutions

SCG Process provides a broad range of dewatering pump options to help manage a wide variety of water issues at a mine site. We can provide hard metal, stainless steel and urethane lined pumps for the harshest applications in the treatment plant, acid sump or out in the pit.

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Pump seal

Mechanical Seal Support

We take pride in our ability to help customers improve mechanical seal reliability to reduce operating costs and to reduce environmental impacts of pumping operations. We offer a large inventory of new and replacement mechanical seals for the mining industry.

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3D scan

Managing Obsolete Pump Parts

SCG Process has the expertise, tools and facilities to replicate and engineer virtually any obsolete pump and/or part to help ensure continued operation of old pumps. Parts can be upgraded with exotic materials that enhance performance.

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Old pump

Extending the Life of Pumps

We provide timely equipment rebuilds to mine operators. SCG Process can provide consultations on material and hydraulic upgrades. We have the resources to re-engineer pumps and blowers to OEM or better quality.

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