The Pump People: Peter Vero – Italian Connection

A valued Westcan employee, Peter Vero, recently journeyed back to his home town of Bari, Italy to meet-up with his childhood friends of over 50 years.

Peter is a master machinist in our facility who has dedicated many years of great customer service here at Westcan. The five friends in the first picture have all taken different paths in life! Some in other countries, but they have always kept in touch. Peter likes to go camping in Canada in his spare time and only gets back to Italy every so often.

He was back recently and knew that his friends would be there so they just got together for the new photo. The pictures were taken in the same location just 50 years apart… Times change but Peter has always kept his sense of humour and his friends.

Get to know The Pump People! ‘The Pump People’ blog series will feature employees and events from Westcan.

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