Water Loss Management

Helping to protect your precious water resources and delivery infrastructure for over 20 years.

With 20 years experience and countless projects under our belt, SCG Flowmetrix is an industry leader in conducting water loss studies and meter program development, able to handle any size of project.

Common Services: 

  • IWA/AWWA Water Balance & Audit
  • Leak Detection Surveys 
  • District Meter Area
  • Meters

IWA/AWWA Water Balance & Audit

SCG Flowmetrix offers detailed IWA/AWWA M36 water balances or complete audits for any size utility. 

Using an IWA/AWWA water balance, SCG Flowmetrix will show Supply Input Volume, Authorized Consumption, Water Losses, Revenue Water and Non-revenue Water, as well as Billed Authorized Consumption, Un-billed Authorized Consumption, Apparent Losses and Real Losses.

Leak Detection Surveys

SCG Flowmetrix is an industry leader in providing water distribution studies including various leak detection methodologies. Flowmetrix uses state-of-the-art leak sounding equipment and Leak Noise Correlators (LNC) to form the foundation of an acoustic leak survey.

We are able to address system design based on typical pipe size, materials and pressures, providing a strategy that is suitable for best leak finding results.

SCG Flowmetrix offers a traditional leak detection survey consisting of typical hydrant leak noise surveys to locate potential leaks, as well as leak noise correlation equipment to pinpoint any leaks in the distribution network. 

If more detail is needed SCG Flowmetrix also offers a more intense comprehensive leak detection survey consisting of traditional sounding techniques, in addition to sounding each service connection and main line valve.  This technique is comprehensive and will yield strong results in finding unreported leaks. 


SCG Flowmetrix supports utilities in the development and execution of water distribution studies including the set up of District Metering Areas (DMA). 

Using state-of-the-art flow meters, pressure instrumentation and data recording technologies (both stand-alone and wireless delivery services). SCG Flowmetrix can utilize our data delivery service (web-hosted data server) infrastructure, to minimize field activities while maximizing available data. The host server can create and upload “real-time” calculations or imaginary metering and/or flow/pressure system alarm notifications.

Common Services:

  • SCG Flowmetrix is capable of developing DMA zones, with intermediate zonal step-testing whether permanent in nature or suited for temporary studies.
  • Using DMA studies to assist in real loss calculation, assisting with UARL statements, ROI statements related to varying leak detection strategies & efforts to locate and pinpoint leakage within the water distribution system.
  • Use of DMA in conjunction with leak detection strategies to create system benchmark for lowest attainable level of leakage and economic level of leakage (ELL)
  • Use for pilot studies to evaluate other physical leak detection strategies such as acoustic main/service leak detection surveys, correlation techniques, and/or helium leak detection programs.


Meter Audit & Review

SCG Flowmetrix has extensive experience in conducting liquid flow metering audits. We offer an end-to-end check, identifying adequate sizing and accuracy validation from primary to secondary converter, to data repository. Our expertise focuses on liquid flow measurement for all mechanical and non-mechanical flow meter types. A complete assessment of the meter (type, size, age, and physical installation), as well as display, signal outputs, and totalization registration is reviewed, and data repository is validated.

Testing and Calibration

SCG Flowmetrix offers a variety of testing options whether on-site or laboratory, testing and calibration can be done using clients flow rates, AWWA specifications, average flow rate or test flow rates, for the testing criteria.

Site setup recommendations can be made for future best management practices related to water meter/flow meter instrumentation testing, calibration, reporting, and SCADA data review.

Repair and maintenance of meters are also available.

Meter Testing Program Development

SCG Flowmetrix can support you in the development of a meter program using our in-house expertise, flow laboratory, and other specific equipment related to meter accuracy, sizing and profiling. 

Our services include:

  • Reviewing utilities’ meter testing program, verification, calibration and billing processes comparing against industry best practices. Flowmetrix also critiques processes and prepares an alternative practice for the utility to meet & exceed IWA/AWWA standards
  • Statistical analysis of varying strategies including factors such as meter manufacture, size, age, type, and volumetric throughput
  • Volumetric and revenue assessment including cost benefit analysis for various testing/replacement strategies

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