Water Flow Services

20 years experience and hundreds of projects completed empowers you to deliver safe water throughout your distribution networks.

SCG Flowmetrix offers over 20 years of experience in supplying a variety of water flow services and operational services within a water distribution system to both operating authorities and consultants.

SCG Flowmetrix can also assist a municipality with flushing programs, water quality dead-end flushing to increase chlorine residuals in the water system, fire hydrant maintenance, and small-scale valve turning exercise operations.

Common Water Flow Services:

  • C-Factor Testing
  • Fire Flow Testing
  • Pressure Monitoring
  • Flow Monitoring

C-Factor Testing

The Hazen-Williams friction coefficient “C” or C-Factor is an industry-standard for measuring the carrying capacity of a pipeline. C‐factor testing is an effective way to determine flow efficiency, by analyzing the characteristics of a new pipe compared to that of the existing pipeline. 

SCG Flowmetrix utilizes highly accurate pressure recorders with fast sample and recording rates to provide accurate and reliable pressure/flow data. Our reporting tools allow for multiple C-factor tests to be conducted and analyzed per section of the pipe being evaluated.

For larger pipe sections requiring a greater amount of flow demand to create adequate pressure drops over the section of pipe being evaluated, SCG Flowmetrix can conduct flow measurement within the water main directly rather than the use of hydrants.

Fire Flow Testing

Fire flow testing is used to determine flow rate and pressure in any location within a water distribution system or fire prevention network. Using Fire Flow Testing SCG Flowmetrix can ensure the system can perform to the required standards.

SCG Flowmetrix offers various fire flow testing services, from system-wide programs to one-off testing. Fire flow tests may be done for hydrant colour coding, water model calibration, and determining system capacity for development and fire protection.

The basis of our fire flow testing practices is the use of pitot-tube flow measurement and pressure monitoring data recorders. The data recorders capture exact pressure readings based on calibrated sensors that are time-synchronized to each other, minimizing reading and communication errors, creating a less subjective approach to testing.

SCG Flowmetrix offers dead-end fire flow testing calculations offering practical fire flow testing of such hydrants in the field.

Pressure and Flow Monitoring Services

SCG Flowmetrix can provide flow and pressure monitoring in water distribution networks to provide the data required to assess efficiency throughout a system. Using this analysis, you will be able to identify potential areas of concern and be able to prioritize future work.

To ensure optimal performance, all equipment is calibrated by our in-house technicians before field use, and the best-suited measurement device will be utilized for each study application. 

Our fleet of equipment for pressure and flow measurement offers a wide range of options to allow for stand-alone monitoring or web-hosted data delivery services, for short or long-term monitoring.

SCG Flowmetrix can provide pressure monitoring to investigate pressure complaints, pressure loss studies, calibrating hydraulic models, and system monitoring.

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