Calibration and Commissioning Services

20 years experience and hundreds of projects completed empowers you to deliver safe water throughout your distribution network.

SCG Flowmetrix is recognized as one of most respected measurement and instrument calibration companies for municipal and industrial treatment facilities in Canada. We provide liquid flow, level, pressure, water quality instrumentation, qualitative measurement, verification and calibration services using proven manufacturer equipment, primary and/or secondary standards, best management standards for comparative techniques, and analytical procedures.

SCG Flowmetrix is staffed with an experienced team including technologists, technicians and specific trained personnel within civil engineering, electronics, science laboratory and/or environmental program backgrounds. We provide all required technical expertise and reports from in-house resources.

Flow Meter Testing

SCG Flowmetrix conducts flow meter testing using our fixed laboratory “primary” flow test bench for meter sizes 0.5-inch to 6-inch to test and calibrate water meters and flow meters, and provides on-site in-situ meter testing verification and calibration services utilizing our portable field test meters as a “primary-comparative” method of validating flow meters on-site. SCG Flowmetrix may also validate using a more comparative approach where a primary technique may not validate the meter being tested using alternative meter technologies or physical testing such as draw/fill testing to within a predetermined testing hypothesis, transit-time or doppler comparative evaluation.

SCG Flowmetrix offers annual programs to validate a client’s active Certificate of Approval. We utilize industry specific manufactures Flow Tube Simulators (FTS) to verify the performance of the transmitter or converters under test by testing the device with specific flow velocities across the range of the meters capability. SCG Flowmetrix follows the manufactures recommended procedures for the calibration of flow, level and pressure instruments. Where the manufacturer recommended procedures cannot be followed or do not exist, SCG Flowmetrix can deploy other methods to verify the original calibration and accuracy of the meter under test using best management practices.

We operate two distinct and separate flow laboratories dedicated for water and wastewater liquid flow meters.  The laboratories are used to ensure meters are fully functioning within the specification prior to installation, ensuring equipment meets all quality assurance specifications and set-up is done accurately while minimizing downtime.

Fire Flow Testing

SCG Flowmetrix offers a fire flow testing service in conformance with the NFPA 291 conventional approach towards fire flow testing using digital pressure data recorders. SCG Flowmetrix may reduce your total flow discharge for this study by up to 2.7 times and increasing productivity by up to 2.5 times compared to that of a traditional approach. SCG Flowmetrix has conducted over 10,000 fire flow tests using our innovative approach toward fire flow testing and reporting.

Instrument Calibration & Preventative Maintenance

With ever-increasing automation, it is essential to keep all your instrumentation equipment calibrated and in good working condition.  Proper routine maintenance and calibration are essential to maintaining the quality and performance of your system.

SCG Flowmetrix offers annual or scheduled maintenance and calibration contracts to help you ensure that all your processes are running at peak performance and meeting regulatory requirements.

To help ensure the highest standards of instrument verification/calibration and test results; SCG Flowmetrix has developed and implemented an Internal Quality Management System outlining procedures that define standard reporting format to ensure that our data is delivered accurately and consistently.

Where possible, SCG Flowmetrix follows industry standards and manufacturing procedures and/or best practices to ensure the highest quality level of instrument data verification and calibration.  We offer complete measurement solutions using primary and secondary NIST traceable standards, dry calibration, in-situ wetted calibration to comprehensive meter audits and uncertainty analysis.  For instrument replacement and upgrades, we provide our clients with an un-biased meter selection process that focuses on providing the best available technology.

We support a diverse range of equipment for most makes and models, making SCG Flowmetrix your one-source-one-responsibility solution provider for all your water and wastewater instrumentation verification and calibration requirements.

Flowmetrix follows manufacturer recommendation and standard procedures for verifying the accuracy of each portable water quality instrument or on-line water quality analyzer, where possible using NIST traceable “primary” standards. In addition to this approach, SCG Flowmetrix may also provide a comparative approach where “primary” standards cannot be used due to system logistics. This program is conducted for chlorine, fluoride, turbidity, pH, analytical balances and other specific analytical parameters.

Installation, Start-Up and Commissioning

SCG Flowmterix can provide you with installation, start-up and commissioning services.

On-site the technicians will confirm that your equipment is performing correctly and as designed.  During commissioning and start-up services, our technicians will provide training on operation, maintenance and trouble shooting to ensure operational staff are confident operating new equipment.

Our technical service team is fully certified in confined space entry, rescue, fall-protection, hazard assessment and other regulatory requirements for working in water and wastewater treatment plants, distribution systems, collection systems and industrial settings.

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