Repairing Pumps and Components is Better Than Replacing

Industrial pumps are built to last a long time, but not forever. Even with preventative maintenance programs in place to prolong lifespan, production companies are faced with a decision at some point to replace or repair pumps or their components.
In an effort to cut costs and drive up sales, some manufacturers do not provide easy access to scarce parts for older ”obsolete” pumps. Running pumps longer with quick fixes decreases the product reliability and efficiency over the life of the pump.

We’re here to tell you that there are great pump repair and component repair options that will extend the life of your industrial pumps and save you plenty on purchasing new equipment. 

Top Five Reasons to Repair Your Pumps

  1. Pump repairs are engineered with precision improving the pump lifespan, and reducing the highest expense – unscheduled downtime. With an overhaul of a pump or components, Westcan technicians will use 3D scanning, computer guided engineering, the latest welding technology, as well as CNC and CMM facilities.
  2. Repair pump specialists give you the flexibility to “repair it yourself” with our technical help or “do it for you” and can conduct a complete overhaul and rebuild, stripping it down, refurbishing it and reassembling. If replacement parts are no longer available, they have the expertise and equipment to re-engineer precise parts that are guaranteed to fit, at a fraction of the cost of replacing the pump.
  3. Improved Efficiency – Very often, a machined and/or repaired component is better. On reassembly, pump repair specialists will pay close attention to improving performance and efficiency, including casing coatings and dynamic balancing to ISO standards.
  4. Improved Reliability – Changing metallurgy, tolerances, packing and bearing types , coatings, have proven to double and triple pump life. Discussing these options with Westcan saves thousands of dollars in life cycle costs if you take the time to see the gains to be made.
  5. Exchange options save time and inventory money- A pump exchange program is an even better benefit to you. It means your pump repair specialist supplies a replacement pump, or at least impellers or other parts, while your damaged pump or rotating assembly is refurbished. It means they keep inventory – your inventory – for you. The service should include:
  • Disassembly and inspection
  • Component repair and replacement
  • Reassembly
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Final inspection

Westcan will keep a refurbished pump in its inventory, ready to ship to you when you need it. The same program is offered for impellers and other parts. These programs will save you a load of money on inventory and you won’t have to contend with delays in shipping pumps or components from OEMs.

In today’s production environment, saving operating cost is one thing you can control.  Repairing your industrial pumps can cut your costs significantly and boost your bottom line in many ways.

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