July 2021 – Designing a Safe and Operator Friendly Chemical Storage System

SCG Process is Canada’s largest one-stop shop to solve municipal and industrial fluid process challenges.

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Unmatched Expertise For Complex Fluid Process Challenges.

SCG Process is Canada’s largest one-stop shop to solve municipal and industrial fluid process challenges. We represent leading OEM brands and provide solutions for new pumps, precision parts & rebuilds, chemical feed, measurement & control, filtration & disinfection and integrated packages. Over 45 years of experience.

Designing a Safe and Operator Friendly Chemical Storage System

Solutions provided to 450+ municipalities and remote communities

There’s nothing more important than safely storing and handling hazardous chemicals at industrial and municipal facilities. SCG Process offers double wall containment tanks to help prevent leaks and spills of dangerous materials that can cause harm to employees, the public and property. We also offer tank systems with integrally molded full discharge outlets (IMFO) which overcome a common challenge with vertical tank designs by maintaining integrity while allowing for the chemical contents to be fully discharged. The IMFO tanks are available in flat bottom as well as sloped bottom designs.

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Emergency Response

Providing Emergency Water Distribution

Mobile emergency response systems can be deployed for either short or long-term relief operations and can be connected directly to a water tower to distribute water safely and quickly to residents from a designated location if delivery infrastructure is compromised.

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Boosting Water Pressure

SCG Process can provide a booster pump or fully integrated system to increase water pressure for several different process requirements. We provide all the controls and piping required to produce constant pressure over varying flow rates.

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Large Pump

Extending the Life of Large Pumps

Our solutions provide timely equipment rebuilds to organizations that value up-time. SCG Process can provide consultations on materials and hydraulic upgrades. We have the resources to re-engineer old pumps to OEM or better quality.

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3D scan

Dealing with Obsolete Pump Parts

SCG Process has the expertise, tools and facilities to replicate and engineer virtually any obsolete pump and/or part to help ensure continued operation of old pumps. Parts can be upgraded with exotic materials that enhance performance.

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Removing Chlorine from Effluent

Wastewater treatment plants often use chlorine as a primary disinfectant which may need to be removed prior to discharge. Packaged systems are providing cost-effective solutions for dechlorination to small and mid-sized treatment plants.

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Chemical Feed

Packaging Chemical Feed Systems

We are your single point of accountability for design, procurement, installation, parts & service for large and small chemical feed systems. Look around your wet room and there is a good chance that you will see a SCG Process (Metcon) logo! We work with leading OEM products.

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Bulk Fill

Automating Bulk Water Fill Stations

SureFill is a stand-alone solution that automates the management, administration and control of bulk water fill stations. The system is proven in harsh environments and enables utilities to maximize the revenue generated from station operation.

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Simplifying Septage Receiving

SCG Process offers solutions for receiving waste from septic tankers. The system allows pass key access for approved haulers to discharge loads while providing plant operators security, transaction recording and process monitoring.

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