Industrial Pump Repair and Rebuild Solutions

Each industry requires that industrial pump repair and rebuild solutions save down time; save money; and reduce maintenance time and costs. Harsh environments and caustic solutions can cause frequent overhauls and in some cases complete stoppages on a critical application.

Rotating Parts

Repairing rotating equipment parts requires superb machine shop services for quality pump parts. Prior to assembly, the complete rotating assembly should be dynamically balanced for optimum performance. A large engineering database of pump drawingsis needed to repair most OEM pump and mixer parts, as well as other rotating equipment.

Metal Coatings

Aluminum, zinc, abrasion resistant metals, stainless steel, ceramic/metallic, thermal barrier coatings, anti-skid coatings and hundreds more are necessary for chemical resistance and abrasion resistance. It’s important that coatings do not delaminate from the base material for reliability.

To Buy New or Rebuild?

In many cases a pump can be fully restored to factory standards or even better than new at a fraction of the cost of replacement. A rebuild with a new coating (such as ceramic) often results in high reliability and an improved life cycle.

In some cases, design can be improved during the rebuild and with updated materials in the rebuild and/or repair, performance can exceed expectations, with return on investment seen in months, not years.

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