How the Indu-tech Valve will Benefit You

It’s such a basic issue and yet it can cause huge operational and maintenance issues as well as create costly process upset and product losses. All this results in lost revenue and safety concerns. The issue is; how do we effectively measure tank levels while being able to isolate the level sensor effectively and protect … Read more

I calibrate all my process/billing meters each year. Does an audit need to be done as well?

An audit is required for many reasons. When there is a balance error where the contribution of error could be directly related to metering When an IWA/AWWA water balance/audit is being done where a level of confidence in the calibration techniques needs to be defined When a current calibration program is not adequate enough to … Read more

Should water meter calibrations be done each year?

A general answer is NO.  This would depend on the benefit or predicted return on the investment to conduct such calibration practices. Working within a greater study incorporating meter selection and changeout, meter sizing, meter verification and meter accuracy programs work together to form a complete metering program.

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