How the Indu-Tech Isolation Valve Helps Meet ISO Standards

An isolation valve continues to be an integral element in any fluid-based industrial instrumentation system. It is used to isolate the process fluid, thus allowing access to the primary field instrument for maintenance procedures and/or the calibration of the instrument. The team at Indu-Tech has spent many years developing its isolation valve to ensure it continues to meet the highest of ISO certification standards.

In this article, we’ll look at the features of the Indu-Tech Isolation Valve and how it can help organizations comply with ISO standards. 

Class-Leading Shut Off Performance

Indu-Tech’s market leading isolation valve has been designed with bubble-tight shut off to satisfy the standards required by ISO 5208:2008. This standard sets the required performance levels for the structural adequacy of the valve’s closure mechanism. The valve’s operation assures the highest degree of shut-off performance within a range of liquid processing applications and at a broad array of pressure levels. This isolation valve is completely sealed at all times through the internal bubble system, which has been tested to the most rigorous of ISO certification standards within the fields of industrial liquid processing, storage and transportation.

Transmitter Can be Recalibrated in Closed Position

One of the key benefits of indu-tech’s isolation valve is the level transmitter instrument side purge. Once the valve is flushed clean using the patented primary purge port, the valve is then closed. Metered air is then applied to the side of the testing instrument, allowing technicians to complete their calibration work in-situ. This feature allows field calibration work to be carried out on a regular time schedule. For example, petroleum processing companies can utilize the valve’s side purge feature to ensure their applications remain consistent with the standards required by ISO 8222.

Fire-Rated for the Ultimate in Safety

indu-tech’s engineers understand the multitude of safety challenges faced daily by our clients in the pulp and paper, petroleum, gas, pharmaceutical, wastewater and other industrial fields. The indu-tech isolation valve has gained ANSI 607 4th edition certification and has been designed in line with the ISO 10497 certification standards for fire-rated performance.

By investing in research and responding adeptly to evolving marketplace standards over several years, indu-tech has developed and refined the isolation valve built for all industrial liquid storage, pumping and transportation applications. To learn more about this valve and how it can help your organization meet, and even exceed, ISO certification standards, ask a team member today.


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