Sewer Flow

With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of projects completed, we deliver the information you need.

Sewer Flow Monitoring 

One of the largest sewer flow service monitoring companies in Ontario, Flowmetrix offers a wide range of services. With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of projects completed, we will deliver the information you need – no matter how challenging the field conditions maybe.  

Flowmetrix measures all liquid flows whether a full-pipe, open-channel, or flow measurement regarding watercourse application. Our monitoring services cover temporary and permanent monitoring requirements.  Flowmetrix can supply, install, commission, calibrate, maintain measurement devices and generate data reports with analysis to support engineering studies.

If our clients would like to tackle these flow management programs themselves, Flowmetrix offers a sales/rental/training program.

Common Services:

  • Sewer Flow Monitoring 
  • Rain Gauge Monitoring
  • Pump Station Monitoring


Sewer Flow Monitoring 

Flowmetrix offers a large variety of flow monitoring solutions for sanitary, stormwater, and combined sewers to investigate sewers capacity, overflows (SSO and CSO), and inflow and infiltration (I&I). Flowmetrix also conducts stream monitoring and stage-discharge curve relationship development studies. Flowmetrix offers short-and long-term monitoring programs as a stand-alone program or in conjunction with a wireless web-based data delivery service platform.

Using a pragmatic approach, our primary business goal is to collect accurate flow measurement data.  In our experience, some flow monitoring techniques are not necessarily as straightforward and accurate as claimed by some manufacturers in certain applications. In some situations, traditional and relatively simple methods of flow measurement may have advantages. The key is to obtain a balance between cost, level of accuracy, and reporting requirements. While the reliability and quality of data collected are always of great importance, the degree of accuracy and amount of useful information obtained is highly dependent on the objectives of the monitoring program and the intended use of the data. High data accuracy at a high cost is not necessarily the best strategy in all cases but can be achieved where necessary. Obtaining optimum data for specific conditions requires a firm with vast experiences, such as familiarity with program requirements and different monitoring methodologies. 

To achieve the primary objective of a project, accurate data that is of high quality with minimal data loss is required. The objective is obtained through implementing QA/QC to ensure the data is collected, transported, and reported precisely. 

The Flowmetrix standard procedures for flow monitoring in open channels are based on our 20-years of sanitary sewer flow monitoring conforming with WRc manual “A Guide to Short Term Flow Surveys of Sewer Systems”. The data is then collected and presented in a format and schedule that meets our clients’ expectations.

Rain Gauge Monitoring

Flowmetrix offers rain gauge monitoring as an independent service project or within our sanitary sewer flow monitoring studies. This equipment can be installed on the ground or upon a rooftop. The installation can be done for stand-alone download or web-based cellular uploading, minimizing the need for direct access to the equipment.

Flowmetrix can select and install all rain gauge types and set up data recorders.

Flowmetrix also offers routine calibration and maintenance programs to ensure the equipment is free from debris, balanced for proper tip operation, and calibrated to meet the specification set by the manufacturer.

Flowmetrix provides the rainfall data through our services, however, the equipment is available through sales and rental services as well.

Pump Station Monitoring

Flowmetrix offers flow, level, pressure, and pump run-time measurement, and energy monitoring at pumping stations.

Flowmetrix offers basic inflow and outflow study and calculations for pump flow rate discharge comparisons. A more detailed analysis could be provided using data over time techniques, which offer a higher level of confidence and accuracy with statistical evaluation for discharge measurements.

As a field data company, Flowmetrix offers pump performance assessment against wet well levels, discharge pressure versus energy consumption curves as an independent study, or evaluate against the as installed specifications of the pumps.

Sample Monitoring Studies

Our sampling programs enhance our sewer flow monitoring studies measuring and reporting discharge quality and quantity.


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