Paper Stock Pumps

Paper Stock Pump


The FRBH is a serious pump. It’s been used primarily in the pulp, paper and mining industries for years.  It is also utilized in other applications where flow rates exceed the size and performance of ANSI pumps. Smith Cameron supports our FRBH customers with stock in Surrey and Edmonton as well as field service and repair.

FLOWSERVE / Worthington FRBH

FRBH is one of the world’s most efficient and reliable pumps. Able to perform effectively across a broad operating range, the high efficiency of the FRBH translates into low total cost of ownership.

SCG Process has been providing and servicing leading FLOWSERVE pumps to pulp and paper manufacturers for several decades.  It’s a fact that pulp mills utilizing FLOWSERVE products operate more efficiently by conserving more energy. That’s because our seals are designed to provide an efficient conservation of water. Our pumps ensure a continuous process flow with a steady stream that ensures paper continuity.

Typical Applications:

  • Transporting woodchips
  • Pulp digester tanks
  • Pulp bleaching process
  • Pulp slurry transfer
    • Cellulose fiber slurries
    • Evaporators
    • Concentrators
    • Flash tanks
    • Waste stock
    • Flotation cells
    • Black liquor

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