Instrument Isolation Valves


Indu-Tech Instrument Isolation Valves

SCG Process offer the Indu-Tech Isolation Valve that is designed for easy installation, simple operation, reliable performance and durability.

The isolation valves will close and seal off your process when need arises enabling the removal of your level transmitters, even years after installation.

Whether your application is black liquor, tall oil, chemical, chlorine, stock or any other medium, the Indu-Tech isolation valve will get the job done.  

Typical Applications:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Refineries
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Food and Beverage
  • Steam Generation 


  • Solves problems associated with the level transmitter isolation
  • A simplified on/off control handle
  • A thin cross section to maintain close process to transmitter distance
  • In-situ purge capability – level transmitter calibration on the tank
  • Compact size

Reduce Downtime

Indu-Tech focuses on “purpose built” design to help reduce maintenance costs and improve both production as well as measurement accuracy. The Indu-Tech isolation valve is considered by many as best-in-class for its design, manufacturing process, and performance in harsh environments. The Indu-Tech Transmitter Isolation Valve maintains its durability in tough harsh conditions – even under exposure to temperature extremes or corrosive environments.

Universal Design

A standard isolation valve has independent bolting patterns to mount the transmitter to the flange. On a standard 150# valve, one set of through holes are for mounting the valve to the flange.  A second set of threaded holes are provided on the 150# model to mount the transmitter to the valve. This universal design accepts transmitters from all manufacturers.

For KGV retrofits, an additional set of offset holes are provided (specify DS Model). For 300# and 600# models, valves are supplied with eight through holes.

Become The Steward Of Your Plant’s Gas & Fluid Transfer, Treatment & Transport Needs.

SCG Process provides a one-stop shop, end to end solution for your water, wastewater and industrial needs.

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