Flow Meters

ABB Flow Meters

SCG Process is proud to represent ABB flow measurement solutions that enhance performance, operational and economic results.  With more than a century of experience, ABB offers a diverse and continually expanding product offering. 

The ABB electromagnetic flow meter line has a range of products that are suitable for each application. The WaterMaster series is a great choice for potable water (NSF), wastewater, effluent flow measurement and general-purpose light duty process applications. For heavy duty applications that require special considerations like explosion proof ratings, the ProcessMaster is the right product. If pulsating flow is present in the measurement process (chemical feed), then the FSM4000 AC flow meter is for you. And for insertion applications where full-bore flow meters are either not possible or not desired, ABB offers the Aquaprobe and Aquamaster4 flow meters.  

Research and development is a vital source of ABB’s technology leadership. It builds on the foundation of existing technologies for new applications, and continues to develop the breakthrough technologies needed to meet future challenges.

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