What meter principle should be installed?

There isn’t a common denominator for this answer. Each meter principle should be considered for every meter application reviewing both low and high flow characteristics, and pressure losses. Understanding your clients, demand profile and inventory, use of building, seasonal uses, etc. would be some of the items to consider when determining the best meter for … Read more

Why is meter sizing important?

Meter sizing allows the water purveyor to capture all revenue possibly while balancing the potential pressure losses du to higher flows. An undersized meter will create a pressure loss, while an oversized meter will not have this issue, rather it will under-read due to low flow demand. P.S. Remember an improper sized meter might be … Read more

Can meter sizing be done in the office – after the fact?

Meter sizing can be done after the fact.  Using the customer account information and meter size along with meter specifications (AWWA or other), will assist in prediction of whether the meter is under/over-sized. However, to ensure the meter is sized properly, a field flow demand profiling study will need to be done to overlay against … Read more

Why is meter selection important?

Meter selection is paramount and should be done in consideration with meter sizing. If the meter selection does not satisfy the customer demand applications, the overall accuracy might not yield the best performance, and hence lower revenue. In addition, poor meter performance would only suggest that a premature replacement would result losing any investment benefit … Read more

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